We always put our client and their goals first. We believe in creating a unique, outside the box approach and applying proven methods of developing the careers of the clients we represent based on success that is real and tangible, not just perception.

Learning To Fly

Everyone wants to jump on a moving train, but nobody wants to shovel the coal to get it going. Fact, major labels no longer develop artists. They are looking to sign artists that already have a growing and engaged fanbase, are socially relevant with numbers to prove it with product in hand that is ready for distribution to radio, retail and digital outlets.

So how do you go from your bedroom with a dream to showcasing your talent on the biggest stages? Artist Development. Our team works with our artist clients in growing all aspects of their career, from songwriting, production, stage presence and style to social media growth, engaging and growing a fanbase and creating and releasing content. We basically do everything a record label does. We create the buzz, we build the momentum. We develop artists that are ready for the next level, whether that be a major label or a successful independent artist career. The choice is yours.

You’re only as good as your representation 

Successful brands do not happen overnight or by themselves. They require the guidance of someone who has the relationships and work ethic to create opportunity. That is the job of a brand, artist and creator manager. At UAU, we believe in creating and overseeing growth opportunities for the clients we represent. Our company has excelled in the areas of touring, endorsements, branding, marketing, strategic partnerships, feature showcases and brand identity and awareness.

Navigating the modern entertainment business is full of challenges and pitfalls. It is our job to ensure that our clients are constantly moving forward, growing steadily and increasing profitability through brand exposure. It’s important to have a management team that can not only set goals and achieves them, but sincerely has the clients best interest at heart. We represent our clients with professionalism and dignity in a business that often has neither.

The struggle for social relevance is real

Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising. Today, nothing is more powerful than social media, especially for building a successful artist career in music. Most artists use social media incorrectly. Most believe that it’s about getting as many “Likes”, “Followers” and “Friends” as possible, that could not be further from the truth. We at UAU believe in quality over quantity when it comes to an artists social media presence. Engaged fans are all that matter. We see artists all the time who have 2 million, or more, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat followers, but when they put out a new record they only sell to a fraction of a percent of their social media numbers. We believe in growing our artists fanbase with engaged social media users, fans that actually are more likely to buy your record, EP, t-shirt and/or a concert ticket and are more likely to share your music, share your videos and actually help you spread the word about your music and career.

We have successfully partnered with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other growing social media platforms to allow our team to effectively identify and target potential fans for each of our clients based on genre, like interests, geographical location, social profiles, buying and search habits and past engagements across social media. We know how to engage these platforms with creative content and promotions that grow your fanbase and encourage engagement on every level. We specialize in creating and implementing solid and successful social media campaigns for all of our clients.

Get by with a little help from your friends

UAU currently advises several independent record labels, publishing companies, managers and content creation companies. We have over 30 years experience in all aspects of the music business. We can put that expertise to work for your company for a fraction of the cost of hiring additional employees. We can grow your business.



Steve Freeman

Founder & CEO

Steve is a Hit Songwriter & Multiplatinum Producer. His work can be found at the top of every sales and radio airplay chart in the world, as well as, included in some the hottest TV shows and major motion pictures. He has developed and guided the careers of multiple artists over the last decade.


David Aldo

Dir. A&R / Co Founder

As a solo artist worldwide, David has an amazing 7 #1 singles to his name. David also toured the world as the former frontman for the multiplatinum selling group Blood, Sweat & Tears and is often called the Artist to Stars for his collaborations with Clive Davis, Lionel Ritchie, John Mayer, Rod Stewart, A-list actors Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Dustin Hoffman, Oprah and even Presidents Donald Trump and Nelson Mandela.


Daniel Capellaro


Daniel is a multiplatinum hit songwriter and producer known for his work with artists such as Pink, Chris Brown, PitBull, BoysIIMen, Lifehouse and countless other pop and rock artists. You have also seen Daniel in several hit television shows and blockbuster motion pictures. His knowledge of both the music and film business is a major asset to our clients.